The Bible in the western culture: Millennia of civilization

Marking the 1600 years of the death of Saint Jerome, translator of the Bible

Overall Goal

The congress’s main purpose is to analyze the relevance of biblical imagery, both in the construction of identities, and in the forms of artistic expression of the national talent. By drawing upon several areas of research – from literature to the arts, from history to social sciences, from philosophy to law – the initiative promotes an interdisciplinary look at the marks of the text in Portuguese society, seeking to understand how the biblical text was appropriated over time.



  1. Provide the Portuguese society an understanding of the role of Bible dissemination in the process of cultural modeling.


  1. Reflect about the influence of biblical texts on the creation of Western civilization.


  1. To retake the cultural legacy of the representations of the Bible in Portugal and in Europe and its consequent influence on the (re)construction of identities.


  1. To compile a repository of “perspectives”, the nature of which might give rise, in the academic agenda, to a renewed interest for the research of the “effects of the Bible” in cultural studies.


  1. Publish the results in study books.