The Bible in the western culture: Millennia of civilization

Marking the 1600 years of the death of Saint Jerome, translator of the Bible


The Bible in the cultures of the Ancient East
The Bible in the cultures of Antiquity
The Bible in the cultures of the Middle Ages
The Bible in Modern Cultures
The Bible in Contemporary Cultures
The Bible in the cultures of Globalization
From the Roots of the Book to European Culture

The Roots of the Book

From the Book to European Culture

The Bible and Collective Memory

Readings of the Book

The Reading of the Book

Bible, Theologies, Hermeneutics and Exegesis

The Bible and Portuguese Culture








For a Biblical Cartography in Portuguese Thinkers

The Role of the Bible and the Portuguese-speaking World

The Bible, Translations and Editions

The Bible, Translation of Unspeakable, in Portuguese

Editions and Translations of the Scriptures in Colonial and post-colonial contexts

            The Bible in the Book Market

From Divine Law to Human Law and to Human Rights
Bible and Arts

The Bible Dramatized – Biblical Theater
The Bible Dramatized – Cinema
The Bible in Plastic Arts
The Bible and Iconography
The Bible in Dance
The Art of “Reading” the Bible

The Bible in the Media
           The Bible on Television
           The Bible on Radio
           The Bible in the Periodic Press
            Biblical Images in Advertising
            The Role of Bible Publishers
            The New Supporters for the Old Message

The Bible, cult and liturgy

The Bible, Mysticism and Spirituality

The Bible in the Teachings of the Churches

Education and Youth

Biblical Catechism of Adults

Religious Orders and the Bible

Jesuits and the Bible

Franciscans and the Bible

Dominicans and the Bible

The Bible and Eating Habits

The Bible and the natural world (plants e animals)

The Bible and the Sacred Books of the Religions of the World


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